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Free Ebook: Titers

There are both risks and benefits to vaccination. Many pet owners believe the risks outweigh the benefits and don't vaccinate at all. Others choose to vaccinate only when necessary. But how do we know when to vaccinate and when a dog is protected?

In this ebook, written by Homeopathic veterinarian, Dr Don Hamilton, you'll learn:

How Titers Can Save Your Dog From  Harm
Learn what titers measure and how.

Which Titers Are Effective
Not all titers are predictive. Find out which titers  are a poor use of your money.
What About Rabies
The facts about rabies vaccination and titers.

A Simple Solution
Even if your vet doesn't promote titers,  Dr Hamilton will show you  which titers to ask for and when.

This guide will help you become an active partner in your puppy or dog's health care and help you avoid vaccination mistakes that could result in dire financial consequences for you and lifelong illness for your dog.
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